High-speed precision angular contact ball bearing installation and maintenance

Structure and installation of Wire raceway bearing

Maintenance of automotive wheel bearings

Purchase considerations about choosing bearing grease

China bearing manufacturer tell you how to check grease

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Our Promises To Each Customer

1.If our product have quality problem. According to standard, when defective quantity is within 10%, compromise settlement is applied(exchange goods or replenishment in time); When defective quantity higher than 10%, they will be recalled and new qualified goods will be replenished within 7 days.

2.If our product cannot be delivered in required date. According to contract, overdue 3 to 5 days, 1000 RMB per day; more than six days overdue, charged 5,000 RMB a day.

3.We provide different benefits to customer. When annual purchase amount reaches to 1 million RMB, you can enjoy a refreshing 3-Day Tour of Hainan. In the amount of 2 million purchase, you can enjoy 3 days Hong Kong trip. In the amount of five million purchase, you can enjoy 5 days Taiwan trip. In the amount of 8 million purchase, 2 people can enjoy French romantic 5-Day trip.

4.Technical engineer one to one service support. Technology, research and development director stand here at any time, please contact your sales to ask for contact information.

5.General manager’s support. Sunkey general manager can deal with complaints and suggestions. When the first order placed, our sales will take the initiative to give you general manager, assistant business contacts.

6.Recommend other quality suppliers related with packaging for our customers.

7.Credit accumulation, you will receive the opportunity for our due net.

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