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Maintenance of automotive wheel bearings

Purchase considerations about choosing bearing grease

China bearing manufacturer tell you how to check grease

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About Aculcana Bearings


In 1988, chairman Mr.Liu established his own manufacturing plant in his hometown Qindao in Shandong province and accumulated original capital gradually through agency and family workshop. 




In 1993, our company began to work as OEM factories for many export corporation at home and abroad by virtue of sophisticated and supreme technology. During the process of development, the company always pursued the tenet that make exquisite, meticulous, and specialized bearings and became a professional manufacturer of ball bearings and roller bearings. On the basis of the supreme technology, the company has been constantly developing its products with great efforts, thus both miniature bearings and large bearings for heavy industry are improved tremendously in quality they are expanded into the production as well. 



With China’s accession of WTO, the industry has stepped into a new era when China’s OEM has won great share in overseas mark. In 2003, Aculcana adjusted its developing policy and began to join in foreign trade market, based on its good financial condition and exquisite technique. In 2008, Mr.Liu with 10 years manufacturing experience and 5 years sales experience at home and abroad set up a branch office in Wuxi, one of largest five bearing industrial bases and the most developed Yangtze River delta economic zone.


With 3-year preparatory work including investigations and examinations, the company had consolidated its position in the industry by 2011, and the company was granted with name Wuxi Jobset Bearing Company Ltd. With 400 top employees and 30 permanent ones and 10 temporary ones, the company has more than 40 long-term partners in Shandong province and Yangtze Delta.    Until 2012, the Aculcana’s bearings have been sold to Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India and other countries with sales amount of 12 billion. In the coming years, China will invested more in export and the demands for bearings will increase constantly, thus leading to a flourishing era for the industry of bearing. In 2015, Aculcana is devoted to working as OEM Of Personal Customized Bearing. Our management idea is that we not only provide high-quality custom bearings but also distinguished services.




We believe that we can achieve outstanding results in five years, ten years, or even 100 years by right of young, efficient and innovative team and scientific and humanized management style.


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Corporate culture: 

√ Managerial concept: science and technology, quality and service and win-win results

√ Core concepts: trust, market, learning and talents

√ Targets: always to be the fresh air of the industry

√ Mission of the employees: development, creativeness and honest corporation comes first

√ Spirits of employees: creativeness, honesty and persistence

√ Targets of employees: intelligence and win-win results

√ Working style: seriousness, happiness and changeability


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